Dassault Systèmes, EED Compliance

Our Tasks

  • Undertaking an extensive and detailed energy review

  • Recommending measures to optimise building’s energy performance and to create cost savings

  • Comply with the Energy Efficiency Directive Article 8


  • Conducted a site visit to measure and review all operational data including building energy use
  • Carried out detailed and validated calculations to determine cost-efficient and effective potential energy saving opportunities for the building


  • Issued a compliance report with a set of measures that can be implemented immediately
  • Set out a plan for their implementation
  • Outlined potential energy and cost savings resulting from recommendations

Key Facts


Identified potential energy savings opportunities



Full Compliance

Ensured full compliance with the Energy Efficiency Directive in the Netherlands



Longevity Partners have ensured energy and carbon compliance for Dassault Systems in the UK and the Netherlands in 2015. Their boutique sustainability services allow them to develop close relationships with the project teams and deliver efficiently whilst remaining very competitive. Arthur Zacharias, European Head of Property, Dassault Systems