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New press release: Aurélie Rebaudo-Zulberty has joined Longevity Partners France as the Head of Strategy and Reporting

Presse 18 September 2018

EU scraps Chinese Anti-Dumping Tariffs

Actualité 05 September 2018

The European Commission announced last week that it would be removing trade duties on solar panels and cells imported from China, Taiwan, and Malaysia with immediate effect.

The real estate sector needs to wake up to the physical risks of climate change

Actualité 21 August 2018

The impact of climate change is causing an increase in average global temperatures, precipitation irregularities (more intense rainfall, or drought) and sea level rise. The real estate industry is responsible for approximately 40% of global energy consumption and 20-30% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Longevity Partners at Expo Real

Actualité 16 August 2018

Longevity Partners will be present at Expo Real in Munich from the 8th–10th October 2018. If you wish to meet with us please do not hesitate to contact directly: Etienne Cadestin, Founder & Managing Director Email address: Alexandra Singleton Climate Adaptation Consultant Email address:

Today is the first of July and I am thinking “thank god GRESB is over”!

Actualité 01 July 2018

Sustainable portfolio management and value creation with BREEAM In-Use

Actualité 18 June 2018

In the last two decades, sustainability has taken centre stage within the property sector. The link between sustainable assets and a so-called ‘green premium’ remains something of a holy grail, but there is compelling evidence of the existence of a ‘brown discount’.

The Common links between Cycling, the Property Sector and Climate Change

Actualité 25 April 2018

The Cycle to MIPIM has raised an incredible £750,000, as announced last night. A wonderful testament to the organisers and participants who worked so hard on such an amazing event. The cycle from London to Cannes is a life-changing experience. And one that gives its riders the time to think and talk about the future.

Longevity Partners are shortlisted in 2018 Property Awards & 2018 BusinessGreen Leaders Awards

Actualité 12 April 2018

Real Estate Impact Investment: From Niche to New Normal?

Actualité 11 April 2018

Real estate sits at the intersection of some of the most significant global challenges. It contributes, positively and negatively, to issues including transportation, land use, climate change, resource use, health, and social mobility.

Smart Grids can create a revolution in the building sector: Here’s how

Actualité 27 March 2018

The hierarchical, centrally controlled electricity grid that has characterised the 20th Century is ill-suited to the needs of the present. Increased electricity demand combined with increasingly decentralised, variable generation requires a ‘smarter’, more efficient grid. This means enhanced efficiency and reliability through automated control, two way communication, sensing and metering technologies, and modern energy demand optimisation.

Make a donation to CORAM for the Cycle to MIPIM Race

Actualité 07 March 2018

Longevity Partners on EG’s tech podcast this week

Actualité 07 March 2018

It was a great privilege to appear on EG’s tech podcast this week.

Circular Economy and the Built Environment

Actualité 31 January 2018

Circular economy has the potential to decouple growing resource use from economic development. What does the built environment sector need to do to embrace the principles and ensure sustainability going forward?

Electric Vehicles: Outlook of Current Situation

Actualité 16 January 2018

How does the current situation with EVs look like, and what relationship does it have to the wider low-carbon transformation of the energy sector?

Longevity Partners are Hiring: PA/Office Manager

Actualité 05 January 2018

Longevity Partners are hiring a new Personal Assistant/Office Manager. Please see our vacancies page for the full job description and to apply.

Longevity Partners at SIMI 2017

Actualité 07 December 2017

Etienne will be at SIMI in Paris from Wednesday 6th to Friday 8th December. Please get in touch if you would like to meet with him whilst he is there.

ESOS: Non-Compliant Firms Face Penalty Proceedings

Actualité 22 June 2017

New step from the Environment Agency against ESOS non-compliant firms.

French Government Introduces Ambitious New Legislation for Retrofitting Commercial Real Estate to Enhance Energy Performance

Actualité 16 June 2017

Decree of May 9, 2017, No. 2017-918 on obligations to improve energy performance in existing buildings for tertiary use

"Notre méthode de re-certification BREEAM In-Use d’un portefeuille permet une économie substantielle"

Actualité 15 February 2017

Longevity Partners are shortlisted in 2017 Property Awards

Actualité 14 February 2017

Redevco signs up Savills and Longevity Partners for their first BREEAM In-Use portfolio re-certification pilot

Presse 01 February 2017

Longevity Partners and Savills have been jointly appointed to carry out the first BREEAM In-Use sample-based certification for over 300 European retail assets owned by Redevco. The project will be done in collaboration with the BRE and is a global first for the building sustainability certification industry.

Longevity Partners at MIPIM 2017

Actualité 23 January 2017

Longevity Partners will be at MIPIM in Cannes from the 14th-17th March 2017

Longevity Partners at the International Hotel Investment Forum in Berlin

Actualité 17 January 2017

Longevity Partners will be at the International Hotel Investment Forum in Berlin from the 6th-8th March 2017

Longevity Partners at Expo Real

Actualité 23 September 2016

Longevity Partners will be present at Expo Real in Munich from the 4th–6th October 2016.

Sustainability is no longer an option: it is key for profitability

Presse 07 September 2016

The impact of the government’s cuts to financial support for renewable energy has been immediate and profound.

Le marché Français est propice aux investissements responsables

Presse 18 July 2016

Fin avril, le gouvernement français a dévoilé le calendrier des subventions disponibles pour les projets photovoltaïques (PV) de 2016 à 2019.

Launch of the Romania project

Actualité 17 March 2016

Longevity Partners launches a competition dedicated to innovation in Romania

Why so few companies are EED-compliant

Presse 08 March 2016

In a previous news-item we highlighted the confused implementation of Article 8 of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), which required businesses to conduct energy audits before December 5th 2015.

Opinion: Sustainable Cities & Renewable Energy

Presse 25 September 2015

As part of our featured articles on sustainable development & innovations, we’ve interviewed Etienne Cadestin who is Managing Director at Longevity Partners in the UK.