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Longevity Partners
13 September 2019


Longevity Partners, the leading energy and sustainability service provider for some of Europe’s largest property funds, is opening their second European office in the Netherlands. The company’s Dutch office is located in the ITO building in Amsterdam Zuid.  

The Longevity Partners Dutch office opens on Monday 16th September under the management of Roger Toussaint, Longevity’s new Managing Director in the Netherlands.

Roger, a Dutch native, joins Longevity Partners from OPPS, a Public Procurement consultant where he was in charge of setting up integrated contracts for sustainable buildings. He previously worked at TNO on low-carbon climate resilient cities and is passionate about transforming our built environment.

Roger Toussaint, Managing Director of Longevity Netherlands: “Sustainability plays a major role in the Dutch economy. Circular construction methods, energy-efficiency, healthy buildings and climate resilience are elements that must be embraced at an unprecedented rate to achieve the targets set by the Paris agreement. By connecting knowledge, people, disciplines and technologies, Longevity creates solutions for today and tomorrow’s challenges. It is a real honour to lead Longevity’s expansion in the Netherlands.”

In just 4 years, Longevity Partners has grown from being a boutique advisory company to the leading service provider of Europe’s largest property funds. They now represent more than £60bn of commercial real estate in 25 European countries providing systemic solutions to ensure businesses operate responsibly.

Etienne Cadestin, founder and CEO of Longevity Partners: “We’ve been delivering services in the Netherlands for the last three years. We’re delighted to open a local branch to respond to our partners’ needs and work with them more closely to deliver their ESG commitments. Roger has a remarkable creative vision that will contribute to the success of our Clients’ programmes as well as our international team.”  

Longevity opened an office in Paris, France in 2018, which now has six employees. This new opening in the Netherlands in 2019 responds to their Pan-European client demand, which will be reinforced by a larger expansion programme in Germany, the USA and Asia in 2020. Our goal is to support our clients with a local capacity across the world to accelerate innovation and achieve a net zero carbon economy.